Vajazzle your Vajay Jay NSFW/Adults Only

Write Down To It

There’s a cosmetic practice known as Vajazzling that is increasing in popularity.  It’s been around for several years now and has really evolved.  Vajazzling is when a woman adorns her vagina with rhinestones which form a design, so basically it’s getting you vagina bedazzled.  I must admit that it’s quite intriguing and I’m actually considering getting it done to myself, I’m not sure how soon though; I need to conjure up the courage! I wonder if men would be interested in getting their penises Penalzzed??  So Ladies and Gentlemen, what do you have to say about Vajazzling? Yay? or Nay?

Of course, there’s an “official” vajazzling website:


See pics below of some Vajazzling designs(the first one is my favorite LOL!) Warning, NSFW or children!

Image     Image




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