Au Naturel or Nah


Last week, I ranted about “Fashion/Beauty Trends That Should End.”  Many people seemed to agree with me, but I’m sure many others were feeling some kinda way about me dissing their beauty/fashion preferences. Well, this morning as my hubby teased me about how my weave sheds all over the house, I got to thinking about my reluctance to wear natural hair styles. I took a moment and reflected on my not-so guilty, pleasurable addiction to hairstyles that involve either weaves or braids.

I’ve never enjoyed doing my hair, I’ve always looked forward to getting my hair done by others. Over the years, I’ve learned a few things, but it’s never been an area in which I excelled. Long ago, I chose to show respect and appreciation to those who are willing and able to tame my wild mane. Whenever someone’s doing my hair, I feel pampered and what woman doesn’t enjoy being pampered?  I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m lazy and I enjoy the convenience that comes with wearing braids/weaves. For the most part, I don’t have to worry about how the outside elements will affect my do, I can sleep as wild as I want, I can sweat, have sex, and pretty much just reposition and go; something that is essential to my busy lifestyle. I truly admire other women who have the patience and talent–yes to me it takes a level of talent— to do hair.

Another reason that I love wearing braids and weaves is the versatility. Being able to change my color and  style from one day to the next makes me feel like I can take on any persona that I want. One week, I can look like a sassy superchick Me

and then the next week, I can look like a professional business diva.  professionalme

Last year, I decided to dye my natural hair blond and that really took me over the top. The positive feedback that I’ve received from rocking the blond feels good and I love how now I have even more options for my hair metamorphoses.  Women are truly chameleons, we thrive off of having options.

One sacrifice that I have maintained is being perm-free. I haven’t indulged in the creamy crack for almost 8 years and I don’t regret it because my hair is healthier. But, I’m just not ready to go natural full-time. Once a year, I take a break from braids and weaves; I tough it out with my real hair, but even then, I get it pressed. naturalme And eventually, (after about a week) I’m planning my return to the land of Weavetopia. I sometimes fantasize about rocking a two-strand twist, but then when I think about the commitment and patience that it will take, I punk out. I love seeing my sistas rock natural styles, unfortunately, I’m not there yet. My weave addiction is serious! So, I guess I’ll keep dealing with the shedding, the edge control, the gels, the pomades, spritz and styling creams that come with my weaved hairstyles. I’ll also keep dealing with the sore scalp and countless hours involved with getting my hair braided knowing that I dread having to take them suckas out.braidsme

I’ve gotta shake my own head at myself for the not so small fortune that I’ve spent on human and synthetic hair. The cost of frequent hairstyle changes ain’t cheap, the hair industry as a whole generates billions of dollars and us sistas are major contributors.

Maybe one day, I’ll have a Black Girl Magic epiphany, do a big chop and start my natural hair journey, but like Bill Bellamy said in How To Be A Player, “Today just ain’t that day.”

3 thoughts on “Au Naturel or Nah

  1. Wow! I agree with every one of your sentments about our hair. I’m going thru the exact same decisions as we speak. At the end of the day no matter how hard I try I HATE doing my own hair natural or not!


  2. The struggle is too real, Ruthie! My sometimes envy men because they can cut their hair or just go bald. If my head wasn’t so damn big, I would get a fade…but then I long my weaves lol!


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