The Mind Behind WDTI

Head shot 2018

Always game to show and tell a story, Raquelle “Rocki” Harris is an award-winning writer, editor and media correspondent who values substance while appreciating style. She focuses on culture, social issues, entertainment and relationships, with a candid style that motivates her audience to embrace transparency.

As the host and producer of Rocki’s Reality podcast, she uses her influence and impact to educate and entertain. Her platform covers essential topics such as mental health, criminal justice reform and infertility.  Unafraid to explore what others are thinking, she is comfortable with unfiltered and unapologetic discourse. Her penchant for compelling stories shines during her in-depth chats with activists, celebrities, influencers, entrepreneurs, and everyday people.

Rocki’s past bylines include rolling outFor HarrietEmpire LifeNia, Speakers magazine, and SoulBounce. She currently contributes to Billboard,, Career Mastered magazine,, and, Her affiliations include the Aspiring Writers Association of America and the Detroit chapter of the National Association for Black Journalists.

In addition to curating content, Rocki also hosts dynamic events. Her ultimate goal is to shift narratives and highlight perspectives while aiming for progress instead of perfection. This is how she serves her clients, collaborates with colleagues, inspires her supporters, and impacts the world.