Copywriting/Web Content:

Starts at $50/hour

Landing Pages $500

Article/Blog post creation: Varies depending on length and the extent of research and formatting

Public Relations/Publicity: Retainer starts at $2,500/month

Press Releases:



300 words (short) — $350

500 words (long) — $450

1,000 words (extensive) — $650 


Proofreading — $5 per page:

Careful review for spelling errors, correct grammar and punctuation.

 Line/Copy Editing — $8 per page:

Includes proofreading along with checking syntax, tense agreements, word usage and inconsistencies. Provides suggestions for reorganization of content, if necessary. Addresses redundancy and repetition; commonly confused words. Ensures the use of active voice.

One page is defined as:

  • Times New Roman 12-point font
  • 1 ½ spaced text
  • 1-inch margins

No single-spaced or handwritten manuscripts, please. A sample of your manuscript may be requested in order to assess and determine the extent of editing.

Please submit an inquiry if your desired service is not listed.

Service fees of $500 or less require full payment once commissioned.

50% deposit is required to initiate services with fees over $500.

A 10% late fee will apply to outstanding balances that are unpaid one week past your invoice date.

Depending on the extent of your content creation needs, additional fees may apply.