‘Colored’ in America: The Struggle Continues

Aside from discussions about Black history, when was the last time that you heard someone use the word, “Colored” when speaking about a person who is Black/African-American?


“Stand Up, Fight Back, No More Black Men Under Attack!”

Whatever happened to stun guns, pepper spray or shooting to injure, not kill? Once again, yet another Black male has been shot dead by a White police officer. Like the others before him, Tony Robinson was a young Black male with a promising future. Like Amadou, Sean, Trayvon, Michael, Eric and countless others, he was… Continue reading “Stand Up, Fight Back, No More Black Men Under Attack!”


Our Shades of Black Are Beautiful

                                                   Photo credit:Pintrest Whenever I enter into discussions about race, money, politics, religion or gender, I feel apprehensive, guarded and cautious. These discussions are always sure to get intense and often people are left feeling some kinda way, especially when they have opposing views. Though we may be open to what others have to say,… Continue reading Our Shades of Black Are Beautiful