Something like an Epiphany…

I have to admit that I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by my decision to develop my blog. Like most women, my mind is constantly racing with questions, thoughts, decisions, emotions, analysis etc…and not in that order.  So many questions: What do I want to talk about?  Will people want to read what I talk about? How can I be different from other blogs? How much money will it cost to maintain my blog?… and 50 other various musings.   I would like to be well known, but am I really ready to be “well known”? Ok ok, I have to tell myself to STOP tripping and s  l  o  w  d o  w n! I can do this! I WILL DO this! But, I don’t want to be just another “celebrity blogger” gossiping about other folks’ bizness.   My perception of celebrities, politicians and other “public figures”,  vacillates between fascination and annoyance.    I’m not gonna front, I’m nosey and silly at times, but I feel more stimulated and ALIVE when I’m discussing and acting on issues which directly affect me and those around me.

I try to project myself as a real person living in MY real world—I oftentimes struggle against slipping into the fantasy world—hey who doesn’t like to dream??  I digress, let’s face it, many us are everyday people doing everyday things, the vast universe of entertainment and social media has tricked too many of us into perceiving our lives as “ordinary”; but no one wants to be labeled as ordinary, many of us strive to be known as extraordinary and many of us ARE extraordinary in our own way!  It’s all relative to our respective perspectives.

Let it be said and known right here and right now, I’m going to post things that you like, and I’m going to post things that you don’t like. I’m learning to embrace opposition and not take it personal–notice that I said that I’m still “learning”.  My goal is to initiate and facilitate intelligent, stimulating, thought and emotion provoking conversations that will reveal truths and extinguish untruths.  It may seem like I waver back and forth on some issues (I’m human, not a robot); but some issues are non-negotiable for me.  I admit that I’m stubborn and often “stuck in my ways”, but I love learning new things and I love sharing my knowledge with others.  Another goal of mine is to transition from my current profession as a social worker into….SOMETHING/SOMEONE ELSE!!  One of my aspirations is to venture into radio broadcasting, however life has taught me that whenever you make plans, God has bigger and often times better plans.  So for now, I’m trying to go with the flow, living life, embracing my experiences because I never know where they may lead me.  And the state of “not knowing” is another struggle for me, but I’m determined to put that up on a high, hard to reach shelf.  I’m trusting my process of becoming.


So here’s my question to YOU my dear reader: What do you want to read about?? What will make you wake up in the morning and think, “I wonder what she’s posted today”, “I have to comment on…”   Let’s help each other open up a fresh, invigorating, perspective on life and living!!  



I’m looking forward to Your feedback!

5 thoughts on “Something like an Epiphany…

  1. I can’t wait to see you thought provoking post on your blog. I know you have been wanting to do this for a while. Our personal conversations in the “Sista Circle” are always interesting. Goog Luck Rocky You Can Do It!

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