Growing Pains

Write Down To It


How often do you find yourself wishing that you could be a kid again?? Minimal responsibilities, no bills, no clock to punch; just a simple life of red Kool-Aid and countdowns to summer vacation.  This evening I was reminded to be thankful for finally reaching adulthood.  My 10 year-old daughter is on the cusp of her pre-teen years and she is learning some harsh life lessons: 

Everyone isn’t gonna like you; Mind your own business; Love yourself; Give people space when they mistreat you, but address the mistreatment with an honest conversation; Learn when to speak and when to be quiet; Life isn’t fair; Change begins with YOU!


Of course, the list is endless; and this is only the beginning for my lil’ lady.  She has so many more lessons to learn, I had to tell her that even mommy is still learning new life lessons and re-learning others. …

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