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Fathers Who Are More Than Figures

With Father’s Day coming up on Sunday, I’m reflecting on the various types of fathers whom I encounter in my professional and personal lives.  One commonality amongst them is that they love their children; some of them love children who are not even biologically theirs.  The distinction comes with how these fathers show love for their children.  There is a significant difference between being a Father and being a Dad/Daddy; the words are often interchangebly used.

A Father is a male who contributes his sperm to create a child, while a Dad  is a man who invests his time, his love, his care, his concern, his protection and his strength.

Unfortunately, many fathers are not dads.  Children need more than just your physical presence.  Healthy and consistent interactions are essential to raising a child. Kudos to the all of the Dads!  I salute all of the fathers who are actually dads to their children. 

I salute dads who play silly games with their children; I salute dads who teach their children right from wrong, not only through words, but especially through their actions; I salute dads who wipe their children’s tears and are not too macho or proud to show their own tears; I salute dads who step up and fulfill duties that are—still in 2014–viewed by some as traditionally a mother’s role(i.e. cooking, cleaning, grooming etc.).  I salute dads who teach their children how to be self-sufficient and confident citizens; I salute dads who aren’t too proud to admit when they’ve made a mistake; I salute dads who respect the mothers of their children, even if they are not together as a couple… 

I salute ALL Fathers Who Are More Than Just Figures to their children!



Too often we take our fathers who are dads for granted. So, even after this Father’s Day has come and gone, take time to let the dads in your life know that they are appreciated and that they are valued.



3 thoughts on “Fathers Who Are More Than Figures

  1. I was raised by a man that was not my father. I thank God he thought enough of me to be the father figure in my life. My uncle only had one child but was a father to many. My husband father’s my children (who are not biologically his) daily without hesitation. They say it takes a village, so I salute men like this because without them the village would be totally lost.

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