The Power of the P***y


Note: Like anything in life, I know that my opinion on this subject doesn’t apply to each and every man, woman and situation.  However, it applies to a large enough group of individuals to make the following points valid.

As a proud sexual being, I’m very aware of the profound effect that sex has on humans.  It’s a satisfaction like no other.  It makes even the most intelligent individuals act dumb as hell!  I reflect back on my past relationships and I’m sometimes ashamed of some of the shenanigans I got caught up in due to my active—sometimes overactive—libido.  Even now that I’m married, whenever I have an exceptionally Earth shattering session with my hubby, I feel as if he can make me do whatever he desires.  The after effects have me floating, with not a care in the world and daydreaming about next time.   However, throughout my life, I’ve come to understand that sex is a double edge sword.  It can be a great tool, but it can also be a not so great weapon.

On the last episode of Ray Donovan, Ray was told by his boss/mentor, Ezra, to kill a female reporter who is planning to release a story that can send them to prison.  Ray defiantly told Ezra, “No”, and then he said that if anything happens to her, there will be trouble for Ezra.  Ray and the reporter have been involved in a steamy sexual relationship.  But, obviously there’s something more to this relationship because Ray is usually ruthless.  He has been known to hurt or kill anyone who is interfering with his business or his family, without a second thought.  So, I was intrigued when he insisted on protecting a chick who is clearly threatening his livelihood and his freedom.  Yes, I understand the concept, “there’s no pussy like new pussy”—or maybe I don’t fully understand because I am a woman.  However, I’m still simultaneously amused and tripped out by the things people risk for the sake of sex.

As I said earlier, I’m well aware that sex will make you do some dumb shit.  I just don’t see myself knowingly risking what I have built with time and effort, for some sex.  Especially, when it’s not a hard thing to come by if you’re not too picky.  But, I guess that is what separates me from others who will take those risks.  It’s relative, because I’m sure I’ve risked somethings that, for me, are not as serious as they would be for someone else.

From what I’ve gathered in my  years of observation and participation, sex is one of the most sought after, perpetuated, and life altering experiences.

Ray Donovan may be just a TV show, but it’s not too far removed from real life.  Art imitates life and vice-versa.  In real life, some of my male friends readily admit that they will risk just about anything for sexual pleasure, especially if it’s new.  Usually, emotional attachment isn’t really preferred and definitely not needed.  I sometimes admire this trait that men are encouraged to uphold; the ability to have a strictly physical connection.  Not to say that women can’t and don’t separate sex from their emotions.  However, for many women, it’s challenging to achieve this without any repercussions.   Mature women grow to understand how to control their sexual appetite once they realize that what they hold between their legs is priceless. Of course, there’s a book titled–you guessed it, The Power of the Pussy: Get What You Want From Men.  It’s basically a female version of Steve Harvey’s  Think Like A Man and his follow-up Straight Up No Chaser: How to Find, Keep, And Understand A Man. 

I’m a media and life experience driven person. Media and history support the powerful pussy mindset by the countless famous, well-known and respected men who haven fallen prey to the power of the pussy.  Wars have been started,  reputations have been ruined and relationships have been damaged, due to the power of the pussy.  Smart, honorable women use their powerful pussy for good and prosperity; others use it to manipulate their own motives.   Meanwhile, men don’t care enough to stop this vicious cycle because as they like to proudly proclaim: “there’s no pussy, like new pussy”.  It’s just that simple for them, forget about all of the madness that comes along with this saying.  As a woman, my complex thinking has convinced me that not all men are driven by their sexual desires, however in my conversations with some men that I know, I learned that often times we give men too much credit when it comes to critical thinking about sex.  My one co-worker damn near jumped for joy when I asked him to give me his take on “new pussy”.  He also told me that though men can choose not to indulge, they often do, simply because they’re selfish and women let them.

As a social worker, I can argue that many women clearly don’t think about the consequences of sex either, but I can also say that more times than not, men exhibit more carelessness when it comes to sexual behavior.  With all of the sexual innuendos perpetuated through TV, the internet, books and music, it seems like the power of the pussy will continue to thrive throughout eternity.


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