The Devil Rarely Wear Prada


Write Down To It

The devil doesn’t always wear Prada. Sometimes it wears regular non name brand clothing. Sometimes it wears a uniform. Sometimes it wears a white sheet. Sometimes it wears a disguise that fools us into creating and promoting illusions. Sometimes it wears anger, despair and frustration. Sometimes it wears uncertainty, failure and defeat. Sometimes it wears deceit, manipulation and distrust. Sometimes it wears temptation, overindulgence and instant gratification. Sometimes it wears miseducation, disenfranchisement and nepotism. Sometimes it wears greed, obsession and selfishness. Sometimes it wears fear, guilt and shame. Sometimes it wears impatience, carelessness and contempt. Sometimes it wears nothing at all.

I’m not a religious person, but I am a Christian. To me that means, I’m not a fanatic who goes around pushing my belief in God off on others. I’m passionate about my beliefs, but I recognize that our respective beliefs are part of what makes us individuals. I…

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