Serenity II

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The tepid water cleanses my outer skin and soothes my inner soul, as I swim for what I know is hours but, it seems like only minutes have passed. It’s as if I’m superhuman because I don’t get tired. I only stop swimming because another island comes into view. As I come ashore, I am greeted by creatures(not male or female) that are aesthetically pleasing to my eyes. They escort me to a lovely cabana that has various types of foods, drinks and sundries. I lie down on what looks and feels like the softest bed that I have ever experienced. The “bed” is soft but firm as well. The creatures massage my body in spots that I never knew existed! They hit each and every erogenous zone and pressure point with deft precision. Consumed by sheer ecstasy, I drift off to sleep…

When I wake up I’m clothed in a lounging outfit that is made from a material that flows like silk; soft like cashmere. I walk around the lush island and discover that it has countless rose bushes and trees that have any and every type of fruit known and unknown to man. As I fulfill the proverbial cliché of stopping to smell the roses, I see a building; it’s small and nondescript.  It’s strange to see such a plain thing amongst all of this beauty. I go inside of the building, once I’m inside it’s like I’ve been transported to another dimension. Books, magazines and journals line the walls from the floor to ceiling. In my excitement, I immediately rush to pick out something to read. As I’m rushing to the wall, I notice that books are also encased in the floor, held by what seems to be glass shelves. Intrigued, I lift the glass door upward and pick out as many book as my arms can hold. I could literally spend the rest of my life reading!

Ironically, in the next room, there are electronic devices that cater to my fascination with gadgets. I will have to exercise discipline and divide my time between the books and the gadgets. I decide to start reading first, how clever is it that one of the gadgets can hold the book while I’m reading, as well as turn the pages for me? Taking a break from reading, I go to use the restroom. When I come out, I notice a door, more like an opening, that I didn’t see on my way into the restroom. As I approach the opening, I feel an unexplainable presence pulling me closer and closer….

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