Scenes from the Single Life

“This is my thing about Kenya….she’s a beautiful chocolate woman and she has a banging body yet STILL single at 43?? There comes a time when it can’t just be the men….something is definitely amiss with her..ijs.” As I read this comment from a friend while sipping the latest tea about, D-girl turned reality TV… Continue reading Scenes from the Single Life


SideChick Syndrome

  This post is specifically referring to the Side Chicks of the world who willingly engage in relationships with married men.  I’m not naive to the great responsibility and accountability that the married men themselves possess. Being a woman who is disturbed by the ubiquitous glorified presence of the side chick sub-culture, I felt compelled to… Continue reading SideChick Syndrome


Blurred Lines…He said, “Yes”?

Photo Credit: victoria-writes.com A woman proposing marriage to a man is not a new thing; however its popularity seems to have increased over the past few years.  In countries such as Finland, Ireland and Scotland, women are encouraged to wait until Leap Day—February 29th—to propose if they so choose.  In America, the “land of the… Continue reading Blurred Lines…He said, “Yes”?



As a fan of his music, I have to say that I’m touched by Robin Thicke’s campaign to win back his estranged wife, Paula Patton. His new album, “Paula” will be released next Tuesday.

Anyone who is or has been married knows that it is NOT a game. It takes an immense amount of prayer, love, work, dedication, commitment, patience, forgiveness, trust, willingness, caring, compromise and sacrifice. Each marriage needs its own formula in order to remain in tact. I wonder if Robin’s efforts will pay off; is it too late? As humans, we often wait until a situation has reached an extreme before we jump into action. Even the most proactive individuals sometimes get stagnant.

Couples who have been together since their childhood, teen years or college years, possess a unique dynamic. To be with someone during your early years into adulthood is an impressive accomplishment. What’s even more impressive is those couples who actually still Love AND are IN Love with each other.

The video for “Get Her Back”, reveals Robin’s perception of his and Paula’s issues. Check it out and share your thoughts!