Craving positive images of Black America



Write Down To It

I’m craving—-craving  more positive representations of our Black community to be highlighted in mainstream media, specifically on TV.  I’m sure that my upbringing during the era of The Cosby Show and A Different World is a large part of why I’m feeling this nostalgia.  And yes, I know that you’re probably tired of hearing endless references to The Cosby Show, me too, but unfortunately relative to the number of shows with primarily Caucasian casts, the number of “good” Black shows is and has always been minimal and now they are practically extinct.

The days of the Black 90s sitcoms are long gone and fading fast from our memory. I miss shows that reflected the diversity of our complex culture.  Though, there’s also the glaring fact that most if not all of the shows from the 90s were just sitcoms, not dramas.  When I tried to search for Black dramas, I couldn’t find any on network TV.  Too bad Soul Food(which was on cable TV) was canceled. …

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