Side Chick Syndrome

In honor of Scandal’s return in 23 days…ICYMI…


Write Down To It


This post is specifically referring to the Side Chick’ s of the world who willingly engage in relationships with married men.  I’m not naive to the great responsibility and accountability that the married men themselves possess. Being a woman who is disturbed by the ubiquitous glorified presence of the side chick sub-culture, I felt compelled to create this post.

Side Chick Syndrome is a term that I coined to describe the behaviors and statements of people who participate in, encourage, justify and facilitate the side chick sub-culture. I refer to it as a sub-culture because it is a pervasive lifestyle.  First, as a woman who strongly believes in being loved, honored, cherished and respected and second as a married woman who passionately believes in the sanctity of marriage, I take this whole “Side Chick” issue personal.  It seems as if within the past 5 years or so, the side chick role has…

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