Fire and Desire

Recently, my sista’ friends and I were enjoying one of these last summer nights on the patio; and we were talking about one of our reoccurring themes, Men.  Some of our experiences are shared, but true to our unique personalities, we each have something different to say whenever we’re chopping it up about these creatures from Mars.  One of my single sistas was telling us about a guy, who she likes but, he doesn’t give her that ummph factor.   As she put it,  “He doesn’t make my feet sweat!”, at first I laughed, when she said this, because I had never heard ‘feet sweat’ referred to as a sign of attraction or arousal.  Though I know that all women are distinct individuals, it’s intriguing to hear exactly how we know whether or not we are diggin’ the opposite sex.

My 12 year wedding anniversary is approaching in a couple weeks, so I’m feeling lovey-dovey, nostalgic and giddy. After my night with the girls, I got to thinking that even after almost 15 years together, my hubby still makes me kegel involuntarily. I still look at him and want to instantly jump his bones! When we encounter a potential mate, our physical arousal seems to happen instantly, which makes it easy to recognize and hard to control.  In my experience, mental reactions are even harder to control, which leads me believe that line from The Mack, when the pimp says that if you can control a woman’s mind, you can control her body.

A ‘fool in love’–or lust–is a reality that many of us have experienced.  Sex is a physical and mental act that can lead to a serious Love Jones;   and when that comes down on you, you’re likely to lose you damn mind!  When you come down off of that euphoric high, you eventually return back to reality—sometimes not.  You sit and reminisce, like dang that so and so has/had me gon’ outta my mind!  And you know exactly why they have or had you so gone!!  Simply because, that person’s mere presence has a moving effect on you.  Women love a man who has swagger, that smooth, that cool.  When he has that going on, sex appeal seems to ooze from his pores.  It’s a beautiful thang when that swagger, smooth and cool come out in the bedroom!

For men, it may be feeling light headed as the blood literally travels to their third leg; a JOLT, a sensation that warms the body.  For women, it may be nipples hardening; an increase in moisture; or sweat, with some vaginal muscle clenching….

I’m sure that the list of physical signs could go on and on. Think about it…What signals does your body send once you start to get that bump and grind feeling??


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