Our Shades of Black Are Beautiful

My perspective on Colorism. Please share!

Write Down To It

                                                   Photo credit:Pintrest

Whenever I enter into discussions about race, money, politics, religion or gender; I feel apprehensive, guarded and cautious. These discussions are always sure to get intense and often people are left feeling some kinda way, especially when they have opposing views. Though we may be open to what others have to say, deep down, we are focused on promoting our own perspective. Language is imprecise and in this age of social media, emails and text messages, many times, what we say is misinterpreted and misunderstood. Even when we are speaking with someone face to face, what we intend to say does not come across that way because of our tone of voice and body language.

So, with the premiere of the Light Girls documentary, I found myself on high alert. I knew that like its predecessor, Dark Girls, the response was going to break the internet and…

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