Our imaginations are one of the best gifts that God has given us.  At times when I wish to be in another space and time, I go there—in my mind!

I’m on a nearly deserted island. The only other people there besides me are those who are at my complete beck and call. As I lie on a comfy beach chair, with my eyes closed behind dark sunglasses, the sun warms my whole body. I’m relaxed to the point of sedation. I’m eating large prawns with a spicy sweet glaze while drinking an exotic frozen drink garnished with pineapple slices and cherries.

I pick up one of my favorite novels and laugh at the characters’ antics. Once I tire of reading, I walk along the shore collecting beautiful seashells and unique stones. The water feels like my toes are being lightly tickled. I dive into the water and I start swimming. I swim until I can no longer see the shore; miraculously, the current doesn’t take me under, it simply cares me farther and farther away…

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